Benefits of Doing Exercises

Research clearly shows that exercise training can bring comprehensive rehabilitation benefits to stroke patients

Aerobic exercise can enhance:

• Cardiovascular health • Cognitive abilities • Walking speed • Endurance • Balance • Quality of life • Functional capacity

Strength training can improve:

• Physical function • Psychosocial health • Quality of life

Flexibility training can improve:

• Muscle spasticity / contracture issues • Motor function • Range of bodily motion

Stretching exercises can prevent:

• Joint and muscle contractures • Spasms • Joint stiffness

Neuromuscular exercises can improve:

Activities of daily living (ADL) capabilities

As we can see, rehabilitation therapy after a stroke is particularly important for the recovery of stroke patients.

Digital Therapy: A New Option for Stroke and Pain Patients' Rehabilitation

There are now various studies proving the benefits of receiving digital therapy at home, including:


Offering flexibility in rehabilitation therapy for patients with transportation difficulties, those who require long-term care, or those living in areas with limited stroke rehabilitation facilities.


Reducing the stress on caregivers.


Making some repetitive and monotonous exercise routines more interesting and engaging.

Additionally, previous studies have shown that most patients are highly satisfied with their experience of receiving digital therapy at home.

After six weeks of treatment, stroke patients have shown improvements in limb function, cognitive abilities, and emotional health.


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